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West Coast Weddings in Nature

The pristine landscapes of the West Coast have always held an enchanting allure, captivating hearts with their rugged coastlines, towering redwoods, and breathtaking sunsets. In recent years, these awe-inspiring vistas have become more than just a backdrop; they have become the perfect setting for couples seeking to declare their love in the embrace of nature.

Imagine exchanging vows under the shade of ancient redwoods, with sunlight filtering through the leaves like confetti. Picture saying “I do” on a cliff overlooking the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean, its waves creating a harmonious symphony with your promises.

These weddings not only unite couples in love but also foster a profound connection to the natural world, reminding us of the beauty and fragility of our planet. They testify to our shared responsibility to preserve these landscapes for generations. As hearts unite amidst the splendor of the West Coast’s natural beauty, the love stories that unfold become intertwined with the story of the land itself.


“Kyer Wiltshire’s photography is pure magic. His talent, professionalism, and ability to capture genuine emotions are exceptional. He transforms moments into timeless art, creating a visual narrative that resonates deeply. Kyer’s friendly, unobtrusive approach puts everyone at ease, making the experience enjoyable. His photographs are breathtaking, evoking powerful emotions. Kyer Wiltshire is a rare gem in photography, and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking an extraordinary visual storyteller.” 

Susan and Rachel

“Kyer Wiltshire is an extraordinary photographer. His artistry is unparalleled, turning ordinary moments into emotional masterpieces. With impeccable attention to detail, he weaves a visual narrative that captures the essence of each moment. Kyer’s professionalism, coupled with his ability to connect personally, ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience. His photographs are timeless treasures that evoke deep emotions. Kyer Wiltshire’s work is beyond remarkable; it’s a testament to his talent and passion. We’re immensely grateful for the stunning images. If you seek a photographer who surpasses all expectations, Kyer is the ultimate choice.”

Scott and Melissa

“Kyer Wiltshire is an incredible photographer. His artistic talent is simply amazing. Kyer’s attention to detail and ability to capture emotions are unmatched. He’s a true professional who makes the entire process seamless and enjoyable. His connection with clients sets him apart, ensuring he captures their unique stories. Our wedding photos are breathtaking; each one is a masterpiece that evokes deep emotions. Kyer Wiltshire doesn’t just take pictures; he creates timeless treasures. We’re immensely grateful for his work and highly recommend him to anyone seeking an exceptional photographer who surpasses all expectations.”

Arturo y Febo

Kyer Wiltshire es un fotógrafo increíble. Su talento artístico es simplemente asombroso. La atención al detalle de Kyer y su habilidad para capturar emociones son incomparables. Es un verdadero profesional que hace que todo el proceso sea sencillo y agradable. Lo que lo distingue es su conexión personal con los clientes, asegurándose de capturar sus historias únicas. Nuestras fotos de boda son impresionantes; cada una es una obra maestra que evoca emociones profundas. Kyer Wiltshire no solo toma fotos; crea tesoros atemporales. Estamos inmensamente agradecidos por su trabajo y lo recomendamos encarecidamente a cualquiera que busque un fotógrafo excepcional que supere todas las expectativas.” 

Sammantha and Peter

“Kyer Wiltshire is an exceptional wedding photographer who exceeded all our expectations. His talent and dedication are truly remarkable. Kyer effortlessly captured the essence of our special day, from intimate moments to grand celebrations, most stunningly and uniquely. His ability to blend into the background while still orchestrating memorable shots is nothing short of magical. Kyer’s warm personality put everyone at ease, making for genuine, relaxed smiles in every photo. His attention to detail is unmatched, resulting in a breathtaking album telling our love story. We are forever grateful for his incredible work and highly recommend him for any wedding.” 

Reena and Jim

“Kyer Wiltshire is an exceptional wedding photographer; I cannot sing his praises enough. His professionalism and passion for his craft were evident when we met him. Kyer has an incredible knack for capturing the most intimate and genuine moments, making our wedding album a treasure trove of memories. His creative eye and attention to detail ensured every shot was perfect. Kyer’s ability to put us at ease and his unobtrusive presence allowed us to enjoy our day to the fullest. He’s not just a photographer; he’s a storyteller who beautifully encapsulated the essence of our special day. Kyer Wiltshire is simply outstanding!”

About Kyer

In the world of wedding photography, Kyer Wiltshire emerges as a maverick, an artist whose lens thrives amidst the very landscapes that fuel his passion – nature. A spirited aficionado of the great outdoors, Kyer blends his zest for adventure with his knack for capturing intimate moments in his distinctive “West Coast weddings in nature” style.

Kyer’s love for nature translates into real-life escapades – from conquering towering peaks to traversing lush valleys, he’s as much a mountain climber as a wedding storyteller. His hikes are a pilgrimage to the perfect frame for couples who choose the raw beauty of the West Coast as their backdrop.

His portfolio is a testament to his love of nature and capturing emotions. Each shot echoes the tales of couples who dared to wed amidst the untamed wilderness of the West Coast.

If you’re seeking a wedding photographer who will hike the extra mile (literally!) to seize the perfect shot, someone whose heart beats for the outdoors as much as it does for love, Kyer Wiltshire is your man. His artistry preserves the spirit of your union against the breathtaking canvas of nature – an ode to love and life where Mother Nature meets matrimony.

Let’s create some beautiful wedding photos in nature together.

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